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2013 Ashland Olympic Distance Triathlon
2013 Ashland Olympic Distance Triathlon

A life-long swimmer, recovering ultra-marathoner, and competitive triathlete, I’ve spent my days in B2B software, in marketing, business development, alliances, product marketing & management, and operations.  I have deep experience in cloud and managed services, and have traveled the world to advise companies on their go-to-market strategies.   I live and work in the suburbs of Boston with my wife and two girls.

During long hours of early morning training, the parallels between B2B marketing and endurance sport never fail to surprise me.  Skeptical of the connection?  Read my inaugural post for four examples.

I love feedback and comments!  The road is long, and the time goes by faster when there is someone to talk to.  Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter or email me at Mike (underscore) Marks (at) yahoo (dot)com

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